About Us

RVA Delta Waterfowl’s mission

Our first un-official meeting was in June 2017 where the future chapter all put in views on what we all would like to see from Delta Waterfowl in the Richmond area.  The top of the list was working to better our habitat in the area for public accessible areas, getting youth more involved, getting new duck hunters out, providing a means for vets and those with disabilities to be able to get out duck hunting and involved in our sport we love so much.

Our Story

Our first year so far has consisted of running a booth at the Sportsman Show the first month we were a chapter where we helped spread word about Delta Waterfowl to the general public.  We actually got our feet wet and hands dirty helping rebuild duck blinds at Sandy Point State Forest which are available to anyone with a state forest stamp.  The next day the chapter hosted a Wood Duck Box Build where we had more than ten kids come help build wood duck boxes and a very informative speech given by the DGIF.  

Meet the Team

The Richmond Chapter of Delta Waterfowl is completely run by non-paid volunteers and couldn’t do anything without our fellow volunteers’ help.  The group meets about once a month to go over various projects on the calendar.  The following are the current Board Members for 2018.

Andrew Jordan

Chairman RVA Delta Waterfowl

Andrew Jordan is a civil engineer that spends his spare time helping with Delta Waterfowl Projects and Duck Hunting.  He also spends time training with his newest pup named Scrappy-Doo.  On a side not he plays the cello in the Richmond Philharmonic and Richmond Cello Orchestra.

Chairman and Treasurer

Jeremiah Van Zile


Jeremy runs his own landscaping business and is a proud father to two future delta waterfowl volunteers.  He also is the Vice President of the Richmond branch of QDMA.

Joseph Bradley 


Joe recently finished up his degree in college and also a family man with 4 young boys.  All future Delta Volunteers for sure.  In Joe’s spare time he likes to train and breed dogs for duck hunters.  He is our longest traveling board member coming from Fluvanna, VA to help meet the call for Delta Waterfowl.


Next Steps…

We need your help, please contact Andy today to get more involved with Delta Waterfowl in the Richmond, VA area.