Habitat Restoration

RVA Delta Waterfowl likes to get involved with local and statewide projects to help better the habitat for Waterfowl.  Join us to get involved.

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Youth Involvement

Richmond Delta Waterfowl likes to try to get kids 16 and under involved with habitat restoration, wood duck boxes, and hunting.

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Delta Waterfowl Richmond

Community Fundraising

Most of the money raised locally is spent locally on various projects that the Richmond Chapter chooses.

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Delta Waterfowl is the Hunters Organization

RVA Delta Waterfowl believes in trying to accomplish various things on the local and state level that will make the habitat in Richmond and surrounding areas a better habitat.  In the process we strive to try to provide oppurtunities for kids and adults to get their feet wet by getting involve in the various projects around the Greater Richmond Area.

On the first meeting in June 2017 the group decided they would like to better the waterfowl habitat in any way they can, provide better public access to hunting grounds, get more youth, new hunters, and those less fortunate involved with duck hunting and habitat restoration.

On the agenda in the first year we have a Free Wood Duck Box Build in Chester, VA set in October.  We have a Wheelin Sportsmen hunt setup in January for hunters in Wheelchairs looking for a place to hunt.  We setup a Youth Waterfowl Hunt in February where we plan to take a bunch of kids out for their first duck hunt. Last, we have our first annual Banquet where we try to raise money for our cause.

Next Steps…

Feel free to donate your time and efforts to help us out or you can donate via paypal to our cause.

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